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Special Offers In September


Good News,

Special offers in September comes. This time, we provide you with 50 discount items from ThreeA, TOYSCITY, ZCWORLD and some other brands. The sale will last for 30 days, from Sep 1st to Sep 30th. 

What are you wating for now? Please come to view these items for you.

1. [3A-MIDAS-RE] THREEA Real Steel Midas Retail Version

$330.00 $309.00


2. [CMTOYS-H004] CMTOYS 1/6 Roman Gladiator

$130.00 $116.90


3. [VTS-VG001] VIRTUAL TOYS Team Gxs Racing Girl

$18.00 $14.90


4. [TC-62001] TOYSCITY 417 Rifle Sniper Version

$18.99 $16.99


5. [CD-75002-6] CRAZY DUMMY 1/6 MK46 MOD1 Gen2 Para Stock - Camouflage

$22.80 $17.80


6. [ZCWO-MYSTERY] ZCWORLD Mystery Killer Robot

$84.99 $79.99